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I'm on a mission to mentor today’s Youth and create a ripple effect of positive impact across the planet. I believe that the Youth have a unique opportunity to make positive global change, as they have the power of Ample Time available to them. We are the new school of change makers and aren’t scared to break a few rules and ruffle-up a few feathers if it means changing the face of planet for the better. I see them as the conduit of real change & development - a ripple effect that begins with the right Mindset & moves into their & others lives at the grassroots level.

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I've made a Commitment To Help You ​Achieve Your Dreams!


Have you ever had a dream? Do you truly want to live it? But you feel you can’t?
What Happened to your Dreams? Did life gets in the way? Are you too busy to use your imagination to fulfill your Dreams?

‘We all have dreams but do you know that 98% of people die without fulfilling their dreams.’

Our whole life we have been told that imagination and dreams are not companions of Success. Phrases like ‘Get real’, ‘Life is not a dream’ are very common. But What I have discovered is life changing. To be successful you need to learn to integrate Dreams, Imagination and reality. All the successful people first Dream and then transform Dream to Reality.

"Shirish Sir's energy is contagious!"

- LPS Student

"I feel really empowered and it gives me the energy to work constantly towards my future"

- Parth Maheshwari

"From buried in self-doubt & negativity to living the life of my dreams, Thank you, Sir!"

- Deepti Arora

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