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"I believe that this generation (Millennial generation) is very energetic and enthusiastic but lacks the proper guidance. Students can do wonders if this energy can be channelized in the right direction. The problem is that everyone is 'telling' them what to do, and no one is able to engage them and hence the attention shifts but I work differently. I invest time with them; I engage them, understand them and I coach them so that they can perform to their maximum potential. An analogy that I give to explain this: You can't feed diesel fuel to a petrol engine. One needs to understand the student first and that's exactly how I begin."

The college admission process is very personalized and so should be the guidance. Shirish works with students and parents becoming a team. The goal for us is to see your happiness on opening an offer letter from your dream college.

Highly Personalized

Shirish works with a limited number of students from around the world. He conducts highly interactive one-on-one sessions (and few group sessions) with students for the entire college admission process. He utilizes various activities throughout the process to involve and motivate the student to become the driving force in the process and to empower them to make aware choices.

Selective & Competitive Admissions

Every year, College admissions are becoming increasingly selective and competitive as more applicants look to showcase a unique personality. So it is extremely important to have an extraordinary application for colleges. Shirish uses his extensive knowledge of the field to present you as a unique and wanting applicant to the admission committee. Shirish utilizes every opportunity to give you every possible advantage in college admission process.

Navigate the Admission Process with ease

Moreover, Application process could be very demanding and stressful, specially for first-timers, not just for students but also for the parents. It is Shirish's mission to make applications and admissions less stressful by fully informing students (& parents) as well as supporting them in presenting their true selves. Shirish follows a customized and a very well organized process to help you navigate the admission process with a great ease.


"The only source of knowledge is Experience" ..Albert Einstein"

These words are pivotal to Shirish as he always seeks new experiences to broaden his knowledge realm. He understands not just the college admission process in depth but also various career fields because of his experiences (both educational & professional) with all 3 major fields: Sciences, Commerce & Humanities. These experiences let Shirish to create holistic profiles for his students by integrating many different aspects as one.

Skills Sets

College Admission

Advanced, 2 years

Profile Building

Expert, 8 years

Career Guidance

Expert, 8 years


Expert, 4 years


Assisting with all aspects of the college search and application process, from finding the perfect college match to the acceptance letter and beyond, Shirish will be there to help guide you at every step.

  • Decoding 'YOU'
  • Know Yourself – MBTI Personality Assessment
  • Career interests – STRONG assessment
  • Parent Information Session
  • In depth Profile Analysis
  • Interactive Profile Building Activities
  • Unique Branding Strategy
  • University Awareness
  • University Selection
  • University Connect
  • Identifying your Recommenders
  • Common App Workshop
  • Interactive Essay Brainstorming
  • Extended Essay Reviews
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Assistance
  • College Interview Preparation
  • EA, ED, Regular Round Planning
  • Identifying your Recommendersy
  • Receiving Offer Letters
  • Choosing Best Offer

Talks and Events

contribution to the education society

Shirish has addressed audiences at schools, colleges, educational seminars, private events, professional events and more. Whether you're planning an interactive workshop for parents and students or a lecture for an audience of hundreds, Shirish is experienced in executing enriching and informative events.