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  • Name: Shirish Gupta
  • Email: hello@shirishg.com
  • Phone: (+91)-9910202224
  • Qualification: B.Tech, M.S. (USA)
  • Qualification: Certified admission counselor- UPenn & UCLA
  • Association: Member - National Career Development, USA

Professional Profile

Hi, I'm Shirish Gupta. I've been helping students to get into Top US universities for more than 7 years. I have an Undergraduate Degree in Computer Engineering from India & Masters in Computer Science from USA. I completed my Masters degree with Provost Scholarship and maintained a near perfect GPA. I topped up my education with a certificate course in Finance. I got selected in UBS Financial (Swiss Bank) right after my 2nd of 4 semesters Masters program. During my tenure with UBS, I gained a lot of interest in Psychology and worked vocationally with many high school students. I gained comprehensive knowledge of the process of counseling students about their career progression, along with the admission process to universities & colleges in the USA.

My life has been awesome and varied as a Computer Engineer, Financial Analyst, Teacher, Content Writer, Admission Counselor and Keynote speaker. I have worked with a Technology Company (TCS), a Financial company (UBS Financials) and various Educational Organizations. I feel proud to have education and work experience in all 3 fields of Science, Commerce and Humanities.

I am also a certified Myers-BriggsĀ® Practitioner and my type (ENTJ) will tell you that I will always arrive on time, I'll be excited to meet you, and, more than anything, I'm passionate about--and an expert in--helping you realize your potential. I want you to think progressively and beyond the ordinary as with Intuitive nature I always have great vision, not just for myself but also for my students as well.

I am actively involved in various research projects aimed at studying education patterns in Indian students and young adults. I work for betterment of education standards and speak at various Global Education Conferences and workshops for Students, Principals and Counselors across various schools & colleges. I co-founded Mnemonic Education & Overseas Admissions with an aim to "Create Globally Smart Students".