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As a highly reputed Education Counsellor for over 8 years now, Shirish Gupta Has gained invaluable insight to the constantly growing world of Overseas Education.

Recognising his efforts and experience, various media outlets have often sought his help in forms of articles, Blogs and televised News shows in order to increase the awareness about foreign education. You can read some of the articles and see the interviews below.


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For too long have the Indian students suffered the consequences social bigotry when it comes to career options. Instead of focusing and harnessing an individual’s talent, our education system has long been obsessed with the so called core branches of Engineering, Medical and Law. Anything lesser than these is not only vilified by the society but also considered a career suicide.

1. Voice Over Artists
2. YouTube Video Artists
3. Photography
4. Film Making
5. Fashion Designing
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In this Interview with Zee Business, Shirish debunks the various myths regarding the extravagant costs of foreign education and gives detailed analysis on how students can study in the best of overseas colleges with almost little to no cost.


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"An Indian student's guide to Choosing the perfect foreign College"

What's special about international universities is that these institutes offer cross stream opportunities as well. For instance, a commerce student can take up science degree and vice-versa. Meanwhile, here's how students from different streams can also explore lesser heard career opportunities abroad…


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Business Insider

"10 EASY steps for getting a dream US education"

The first step for going abroad is to have the basic understanding yourself and your reasons for choosing the USA as your education destination as they form the crux for all things to follow. A student must do his due research to the best of his abilities about the colleges he wants to go to and what he expects from going abroad. Only then can he proceed with the admission and application processes…


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Business World

"Get your dream foreign education and not spend a fortune"

Over the years, each and every student who has managed to go to abroad in a good university has eventually found a great career and a bright future. A large number of students are opting for overseas education in a hope to get a bright career. Now, the exuberant tuition can be a deal-breaker for the middle-class families that don't want to burn their decade-long savings to send their child to a western country for a degree. The good news is that there are multiple options for the parents without putting everything at stake such as…



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