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Successful Applicant Toolkit 

❌ is NOT a Course,

 ❌ It’s NOT a 50-hour College Admission course full of theory but lacking in action.

❌ It’s NOT a 347-page little-known-but-accidentally-revealed-top-secrets toolkit.

❌ It's not a pack of garbage based on no (or very little) experience


What if getting admission to your Dream University was as easy as reading a storybook? Just follow the script, fill in the blanks and… Voila.


That is the “Successful Applicant” Toolkit.


It’s a SET of Most Profound College Admission Strategies (not even known to 95% of "so-called" Experts) used by Successful Applicants, with fill-in-the-blanks highly-convenient templates for University Selection, Essay Writing, and EVERYTHING else for your Dream College Admission. Easy to edit. Ready to use. And what else, it comes with Complete Video Tutorials!!


You DON'T have to Waste your valuable time in guesswork. It's the Most Comprehensive Toolkit on the planet.

You Will Know MORE than 95% of EXPERTS with this Toolkit.


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In just 3.5 hours, you will gain valuable insights into the college application process and learn actionable strategies to create a standout profile that sets you up for success in achieving your college goals.

Join Shirish Gupta on a journey of self-discovery and growth with The Successful Applicant Course.

At the core of our program is Shirish's framework: 

3 UGLY TRUTHS  WHY Most Students Struggle with College Applications

Do you know why? 🤔   

Because of 3 reasons:

1) Before they start applying for colleges, some so-called guidance counselors have told them it would be easy. And then they realize it's not. 

2) Then they start learning about test requirements, profile building, college shortlisting, essay writing, and all the technical stuff to create a winning application. But in most cases, they are overwhelmed and they don't know where to begin and how to pace the applications. 

3) And if they are lucky (and don't give up), they figure out that the #1 most important thing is Story (because story = admission). But, unfortunately, they don't have time to learn it and Create a Winning Story. 


So what's the Solution? 


You don't need to spend years on Guess Work.  

You can use The Successful Applicant Toolkit and Know Exactly what you must do to get Admission to TOP Universities, Step By Step Process, Fill-in-the-blanks style Templates and Awesome Action Plan. 

It provides you access to proven and highly successful application strategies, known only to top few. 

 It SAVES tons of your money, almost in the range of $4000 - $25,000, the cost of hiring a Guidance Counselor because this Toolkit has step-by-step, easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blanks style templates and highly effective college admission strategies. 


It saves you from all the hassle of not knowing what to do. 


It gives you Complete Control of Your Applications, with NO guesswork and Uncertainty. 


You No longer need to be dependent on Internet search, guidance counselors or any other person. 


TSA Toolkit Builds Your Application SUPER POWER!!

Let’s be real for a while! 


There are actually 3 big problems most of the students have to face every day.

  • ​They have extremely limited time. They struggle to manage applications with school/college work. 
  • ​Because of that, they take on whatever advise they get, high test scores, community service, writing essays, summer schools, without thinking whether it is relevant for their applications
  • So they apply EXACTLY like 99% of all other applicants, hoping that admission officers will notice their profile and offer them admissions

But you know what? It happens rarely. So those students have to settle with average admissions and they feel that pain every day. Every. Single. Day.

..the Solution is VERY SIMPLE: 

they need a Focused Application PLAN


Because Your Story can solve all of these problems. You just need to know how to write compelling college admission story...


…or you can use proven fill-in-the-blank templates to get awesome results without being a writer and without spending all this time in trial and error.

Here's WHAT You Need to Get into Your Dream University in RECORD Time

Ingredient #1

Irresistible Story templates

How much time admission officers take to evaluate your application? What do you think? 
Just 12 minutes. (As stated by Admissions Evaluator at Brown University)
Now do you think your regular, everyday strategy for college applications can give you top college admissions? In most cases, almost 99%, not at all. 
So, what you really need to get remarkable attention in those 12 minutes? 
YOU NEED AN IRRESISTIBLE STORY. Without it, you will struggle, you will struggle big time. 


But not with The Successful Applicant Toolkit, because all you need to do is the following:
     Step 1: Learn Revolutionary 3-4-5 Rule for Creating Story.
        Step 2Complete fill-in-the-blanks templates. 
        Step 3: That's it :) You will have your Hot Sizzling Story with you! 
..And not only do you get your Irresistible Story, but you’ll also create a very special type of story that admission officers love, called Growth Story..
So you can shine out from the Applicant pool.


Ingredient #2

Your Profile Power Templates (Strengths & Improvements)

The fastest & most effective way to bridge your gap from where you are and where you want to go is by knowing your profile strengths and improvement areas.
There are Millions (yes, Million with a M) Applicants every year.
If you want to be remembered by admission officers, use Strengths and Improvement Templates to show your uniqueness in your application. And it's again very simple with The Successful Applicant Toolkit, you just need 3 super simple steps:
    Step 1: Answer Few Questions.
     Step 2: Get your personalized Report. 
     Step 3: Use Fill In the Blanks Templates to Create your Profile Action Plan 
..And not only do you get this report, but you’ll also get templates for Identifying your Strengths and Improvements and Action Plan template to take focused actions. 

This is the most comprehensive college admission profile! 

It provides you in-depth analysis of Six areas of your profile. 
Most guidance counselors or so-called experts talk about only 2 parameters and they completely MISS the rest 4, but using myProfiler, you get a detailed view of EVERY ASPECT of your profile. 
With this, you can laser focus your attention to things that matter the most and don’t waste your time elsewhere.


Ingredient #3

Done In-A Weekend University Selection & Planner 
​to get your TOP 10 colleges.

If there is one thing that students and parents are too concerned or confused about is creating a college list. 
The biggest reason for not being able to come up with the right fit university list, is the uncertainty. Uncertainty about university, uncertainty about admissions, uncertainty about profiles of other applicants and many such factors. 
If you want to get admission to your Dream College, use University specific templates that enormously simplify selecting the Right Fit Colleges.
Inside the toolkit, there are Power packed strategies and templates complemented by Video tutorials for University Research Rulebook, University Evaluation template and Most Comprehensive University Planner for making applying Super Easy.


Ingredient #4

Crafting Winning Essays + LOR Templates & Strategies 

This is probably THE MOST Important piece of your Applications.
You might have heard about students who get admission from top universities? 
What do they do? 
Look, the most common advice is: Write Awesome Essays.
Isn’t it easier said than done? 
To be honest with you, essay writing is a Science. And if know the system and the process, you can absolutely Ace your Essays. 
Most students struggle to form a perfect story and what I call as Content Cohesion between different pieces of content.
Turn a boring, flat-footed text into a persuasive flow of words and wrap it with your unique story that push admission officers to select you by using Top 3 strategies: 70-30 Writing Rule, The Simple 123 Approach & Creating Essay Plot.
You will learn how to write winning essays, impactful LORs, and how all application pieces will form a perfect story that will lead to your massive admission success. 


Even a newbie at college admission can get admission to TOP Ivy League Universities by following these 3 easy-to-follow steps.

Here’s EVERYTHING You Need To 

Get Into Your DREAM University

...Saving Tons of TIME and MONEY...

Template: Irresistible Story Bundle (₹18,999 value)

Template: Profile Power Bundle (₹8,999 value)

Template: Your Personalized College List Bundle  (₹12,499 value)

Template: Essays Writing & LORs Bundle (₹12,499 value)

Planner: Done-In-A-Weekend Application Planner  (₹4,999 value)

✅ Assessment: 15 Minutes Profile Evaluation (₹3,999value) 

BONUS #1: Double your chances of Admission in 5 minutes or less (₹4,999 value)

BONUS #2: The Secret Strategy - Demonstrated Interest (₹3,999 value)

BONUS #3: High Impact Essays & LORs Secret (₹4,999 value)

BONUS #4: The Successful Applicant Mindset (value priceless)

BONUS #5: Essay Evaluation Checklist (value priceless)

Bundle includes Templates, Tutorial Videos

Total Value: ₹75,991

Regular Price: ₹14,999


EXTREMELY Limited Time Offer 

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About SHIRISH GUPTA, your Success Mentor

With years of experience in career counseling and college admissions, Shirish Gupta is a leading expert in the field of profile building and college admissions.

After completing his education in top institutions in India & USA, Shirish has dedicated his career to helping students unlock their full potential and achieve their college goals. Through his work as a consultant, speaker, and mentor, Shirish has helped countless students gain admission to top colleges and universities around the world.

Shirish's expertise has been recognized by leading corporations and media outlets, and he has been featured in numerous publications and interviews. His work has helped students across the world achieve their dreams and unlock their full potential.

Now, through The Successful Applicant Course, Shirish is bringing his expertise to a wider audience. With a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to creating a winning application and college admissions, our program is designed to help students create a standout application that sets them up for success in the college application process and beyond. Join our community of like-minded students and discover the secrets to achieving your college goals and unlocking your full potential with The Successful Applicant Course.

Mentor Credentials

⭐ ACCLAIMED TEDx Speaker & DYNAMIC Keynote Speaker

⭐ RECOGNIZED for Excellence in Education by winning the prestigious Philip Kotler Award

YOUTH-MENTOR to thousands of young students & their parents

CAREER & COLLEGE ADMISSIONS EXPERT with 13+ years of student success records

⭐ TRUSTED by Top Schools in India & Worldwide

ENTREPRENEUR founder of Mnemonic Education, Living Xtraordinary - building a community of 1 million next-gen leaders

Join The Successful Applicant Course Today and Get These Bonuses

  • BONUS #1

    Double Your Admission Chances ​in 5 minutes or less

    Get ready to discover a big secret that can double your admission chances in just minutes? 
    In a very special strategy, discover the 3 words that can double your chances, at least, in just minutes. 
    What more, There is another Bonus Video applying this strategy in the real world, with the real university example. 
    Most Applicants DON'T KNOW this very important SECRET.

    BONUS #2

    Demonstrated Interest Proven System that works

    Let’s be honest. Convincing admission officers (ppl, who have never heard of you before) for an admission, is hard.
    Adcom (Admission Committee) is often overwhelmed with applications. To get their attention, you must be more than just an applicant. You must Demonstrate your interest.
    The college admission process must be enthusiastic and joyful. And if you can demonstrate that enthusiasm and curiosity to colleges, well you will certainly increase your admission chances.
    With this special system, discover exactly what you must do to demonstrate your interest and increase your admission chances multifold within minutes. 

    BONUS #3

    High Impact Essays/SOP & LORs Secret Strategy

    99% Applicants are doing exactly the same things and therefore...
    ...not Getting the results they want. 
    Know, EXACTLY, what successful applicants do differently than unsuccessful ones. 
    To get results, you must know how to Create High Impact Essays and LORs...
    ...and you will learn this from this very Special Bonus.

    BONUS #4

    Tutorial Video & Template 

    The Successful Applicant Mindset 

    Have you ever wondered how Successful Applicants think, behave, and apply? 
    I don’t know about you, but if I don’t create a positive mindset, it takes 2 or 3 times longer to get the job done as we all suffer from self-doubt. 
    In this very special video and through this AWESOME template, get into the ‘Perfect Mindset’ for your admission.
    Most Applicants DON'T KNOW this very important CONCEPT.

    BONUS #5

    A Very Special GIFT 

    Essay Quality Checklist 

    The biggest problem with the essay quality check is there is no standardized way to predict the success of the essay...
    ...but not anymore.
    This knowledge is NOT available to 99% of the guidance counselors in the world, yes that’s true, not known to experts in college admission industry. 
    This template is priceless because nobody, and i mean it no one has created such a detailed essay evaluation template known as Essay Quality Checklist. 
    Once you write your essay, all you have to do is to open this template and simply put a tick or a cross with each parameter of essay quality checklist. 
    This is such a simple, easy and beautiful way to evaluate your essay. 
    100x Your Essay Quality with this Bonus.

    I NEED The Successful Applicant toolkit because I understand the importance of having the Right Plan and STORY. 
    I know it is more important than my test scores. 
    I'm sure that great story & essays will help me get admission to my Dream University.

"I was initially overwhelmed by the U.S. college admissions process, but this course made it manageable. The expert guidance, in-depth modules, and real-world application project all contributed to my successful application to my dream school. I'm confident that without this course, my college application journey would have been much more stressful." 

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