Have exams coming up? Are you stressed out? Exams can be a challenging time for all students. Research tells us that if you can master your stress pre-exam, you can expect a 30% better result!
Learn from the expert – Shirish Gupta – India’s # 1 Success Coach – as he reveals some Super Powerful yet simple techniques that can get you out of Stress in Minutes!


Shirish, a Certified MBTI and STRONG Practitioner, is an eminent Career Coach & Education Counselor with over 10 years of experience in this field. A UCLA & UPenn certified admission counselor, Shirish has groomed numerous students to realize their potential and got them admitted to the top colleges in the world. Shirish is internationally renowned and an active member of many international career and college advising organizations such as IECA, NCDA, NAFSA and others.

Shirish is a keynote speaker at various Global Education Conferences and has been conducting workshops and seminars for students, principals, and counselors across numerous schools & colleges. Shirish has featured on numerous television programs, newspapers, magazines including Zee News, The Huffington Post, Indian Express, TOI Education, Financial Times, Business Week, India Today – Education and others.


Hello Students and Parents!
The exams season is coming and the last thing you want lurking on your mind is the pre-exam stress. You are intelligent, have been studying throughout the year but if this stress is coming your way, then your performance can take a deep dip. You become forgetful even after numerous revisions, confusion comes in and what not!

On the other hand, if you can overcome your stress, you can perform 30-50% better in your exams.

Now, that’s astonishing! Right?
The big question is How to do that?
Well, It is perhaps the best thing I’ve seen in my life.

Mastering stress is a skill and like any skill, it can be learned. The catch is…. you can learn this.. in Minutes!
This is exactly what you are going to do at the BEAT EXAM STRESS Event.
I will be sharing the techniques, strategies and mindset shifts that make such an incredible difference for exam stress. Believe me, you will walk out with confidence, calmness, happiness, reduced anxiety, being able to concentrate more easily, feeling less stressed, getting the most from study time, and most importantly doing your best in the exam. One thing I can promise you, is that I never ask my clients to invest their time and money on things that are ordinary. And in the case of this event, based on the previous students feedbacks, this will be the best value driven event for you.
Beat Exam Stress is happening on the 2nd of February & the registrations are already open. I would recommend you to register asap as seats are limited.
Have a good day!


Event Takeaways:

  • Remove stress from your life 100%
  • Learn Secrets to Score MORE
  • Boost Exam Confidence
  • Eliminate Anxiety, forgetfulness & Confusion
  • Get rid of the exam fear/phobia
  • Guaranteed Success Formula
  • Enjoy more confidence and positive attitude in exams and life
  • Improve your Self Esteem and ability to handle life situations
  • Maximize your Health
  • Increase your concentration multi-fold and will also learn to avoid distractions
  • Learn how to take out your past failures or regrets that are holding you back
  • Remove anxiety or unwanted sensations just before an exam, or before a big event. We can help you live a life free of any discomfort.

This event is designed for students of classes 9th – 12th & college students undertaking exams. We invite parents also to attend this workshop to learn these techniques and help your child to perform way better in all aspects of life.

So Go Ahead And Reserve your Seat Today!


I know you and your child busy! And you need to help your child in minutes, not months. And that’s why we want to make it easy for you. So everything in this Event is broken down into such small steps that you can teach your child in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

It is a FREE Seminar, we are just charging the venue and food cost of Rs.1,500/- .Well, the price to watch a movie with snacks these days is about Rs. 1,000/- to 1,500/- For a small amount money invested, you can get a life free of worries and unwanted stress. Still if you do not like it midway, you have a money back guarantee.* But, trust me, when you attend the event, the only problem you’re going to have is that you will wish you should have come across this earlier.

For the simple reason, they tell you WHAT to do, I will teach you HOW. Simple yet such powerful techniques, that you can practice before and during your exams, will give you an edge over others. D) I am not stressed at all! I don’t think I need to attend this. We all like to pretend that Stress cannot come to us and by not acknowledging it, we make the situation worse. And with all of the hype and negative media that comes with Exam Stress, it’s not surprising that most of the students do not admit that they are actually stressed! But let me tell you, if you’re feeling stressed about exams, you’re not alone. More than 90% of exam-takers feel depressed, anxious, stressed, confused or worried before and during exams which affect their end-results. Still if you feel you are not stressed, don’t you want to score more? I will be sharing techniques to score more in your exams, even if you are not stressed.

What does Exam Stress look like?

Some common signs of stress include:

  • Nervousness and butterflies in the stomach
  • Feeling confused
  • Lack of motivation to do anything
  • Feeling moody and low
  • Tense muscles or headaches
  • Having trouble making decisions
  • Losing touch with friends
  • Having an upset stomach or feeling sick
  • Trouble sleeping or getting out of bed
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Fidgeting, nail biting, teeth grinding

Don't miss your chance to experience the most value-driven seminar!


  • Heart rate increases
  • Breathing gets faster
  • We start to sweat more
  • Muscles tense up
  • Mind becomes alert


  • 'Chaos!? '
  • Can’t think and concentrate
  • 'Negative thoughts and predictions?
  • 'Racing thoughts…

Why do people experience exam stress?

People may experience it because they:

  • Don't feel prepared
  • Worry they might fail
  • Feel pressure from family to get good marks
  • Don’t have much time left to study
  • Need to get an expected specific result
  • Find it hard to understand what they’re studying
  • Don’t think they will do well
  • Feeling of competition with others
  • Have other issues in their life

Tips to help while studying:


Stick to a routine by eating and sleeping at around the same time every day


Get a good night’s sleep. This gives your brain time to refresh and remember what you’ve studied so far.


Give yourself mini-rewards once you achieve your study goals – Go for a run or watch a TV show


Keep your focus on your studying – do not let other things like friends worries distract you.


Keep away from junk food - it will bring you a sudden burst of energy and then drop away fast, making you feel worn-out.


Eat a well balanced diet - fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, proteins and nuts are all good for your brain and energy levels


Give yourself enough time to rest – do some relaxation activities like listening to music, meditation or deep breathing.


Avoid energy drinks as they can increase nerves. Drink lots & lots of water instead!

Tips for exam day:

  • Figure out what you need to take with you on the exam day and organize everything the night before.
  • Have what you normally eat for breakfast.
  • Go to the toilet before the exam starts
  • If you feel yourself getting stressed or worried before your exam - spend some time focusing on your breathing.
  • When you sit down to do your exam, take time to relax and slow your breathing
  • Read through the exam paper carefully. Underline key words and instructions.
  • Don’t panic – if you’re stuck, move on and come back.
  • Aim to have time to re-read answers through and to make any changes

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “Am I really stressed?” And with all of the hype and negative media that comes with Exam Stress, it’s not surprising that most of the students do not even admit that they are actually stressed! But let us tell you, if you’re feeling stressed about exams, you’re not alone. More than 90% of exam-takers feel depressed, anxious, stressed, confused or worried before and during exams which affect their end-results. So Go Ahead And Reserve your Seat Today! For a small amount of time & money invested, you can get a Life Free of Worries and Unwanted Stress. So you must act now! You will never have this chance again!


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